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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My 2008 Challenge Update

We have about a month and a half to finish up our 2008 Challenges. I did better so far than I thought I was going to a couple of months ago. I over-reached but I'll do that again next year, so obviously I learned not a thing. :-) I take that back! I learned that I have a ton of fun whether I finish the challenge or not. Quite a nice lesson!

Here is where I'm at with 2008 as of today:

1% Well-Read Challenge

6 of 10 finished, and I've started the seventh. I should finish this one.

100+ Book Challenge **FINISHED**

A-Z Reading Challenge

I'm officially abandoning this one. I know I won't do "X" before the end of the year due to lack of interest in this particular letter, so I'm going to let this one go and focus on some of the other challenges that have a better chance of getting done.

Anything Agatha Challenge

I love Agatha Christie, so the fact that I've only read 1 of 10 this year seems weird. I still might get this one finished though.

Bookmarks Magazine's "Best of 2007"

Ha! I forgot all about this personal goal. Oops. I'll probably use most of this list for the 2007 section of the Countdown Challenge.

Chunkster Challenge **FINISHED**

Decades Challenge **FINISHED**

Non-Fiction Five Challenge **FINISHED**

Pub Challenge **FINISHED**

Short Story Challenge

How hard can it be to read 10 short stories? Apparently I have a mental block in this category. I'm going to make more of an effort though, both to finish this challenge and try more short stories next year. Currently, I've read 6 stories that count toward the challenge, and I've got the other 4 picked out.

Spring Reading Challenge **FINISHED**

I don't think I'll do any of the seasonal challenges next year. Nothing against them, but it was just one more post to remember to link reviews to and I kept forgetting about it.

TBR Challenge

11 of 12 finished. It was harder to stick to the list than I anticipated! I'll finish this one though.

Triple 8 Challenge

Holy moly, did I make a mess of this one! I'm calling it officially abandoned as of today. I did learn how to make a better plan for a challenge like this, but not in time to salvage it for this year. This challenge will not run in 2009, but the Countdown Challenge has taken it's place. I should be able to handle that one.

So, out of 13 Challenges:

6 are Finished
3 are Almost Finished
1 is Questionable
3 are Abandoned

And I'm working on my Challenge plans for next year. For the 2009 100+ Reading Challenge, I'm considering a Personal Medal Plan: Bronze for 100 books, Silver for 125 books, and Gold for 150. The rest are the stepping stones to the Gold! :-)

Happy Reading, Everyone!!


Terri said...

Wow, I'm so impressed! I couldn't begin to even keep track of that many challenges, let alone finish that many. Way to go, Lezlie!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed too. I'm only in 2 challenges and I'm not doing very well with either one of them.

Lezlie said...

Terri ~ After the initial enthusiasm wore off, I had trouble sticking to any plan. I'm surprised I finished this many, too! :-) I'm sticking mostly to challenges next year that don't require a specific list up front.


Thoughts of Joy said...

All that matters is that you enjoyed yourself in what you did accomplish! :)

I'm with you on the linking aspect. Blah.

Literary Feline said...

You've done very well this year! I'll need to look over my completed challenges soon and figure out my successes and nice try attempts.

Kara said...

I think you did great finishing that challenges that you did!!

From what I know - the triple 8 challenge (8 books, 8 categories in 2008) has changed to the 999 challenge (9 books, 9 categories in 2009). Which I definitely am not going to sign up with since I also made a mess of 888.

I have (like you) joined the countdown challenge - sounded like fun.

J.C. Montgomery said...

I thought about doing this but got too depressed, hence why next year I am doing so few.

I found myself getting too caught up in what I was supposed to read rather than what I wanted to read.

This is impressive Lezlie. I think you've done well and I am so happy for you. Lets hope next year goes as well - or even better!

Michele said...

Good grief, Lezlie, I had no idea you were participating in so many challenges. I think you should get some kind of medal for keeping track of each of them!

Anonymous said...

You are rocking these challenges! Way to go. :)

I have something to chat with you about privately. Would you email me at It's about an author you might be interested in meeting.

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ Which ones did you join? Some are harder than others to stick to.

Joy ~ Remembering all the places I was supposed to link was the hardest part of all of it!

Literary Feline ~ Thanks! I've just been winging it for a few months now, so it wass very interesting to summarize it all and see where I am actually at with everything.

Kara ~ I heard that Shelfari or one of those places was doing the 999. I knew it was a no go for me after the 888. :-) It will be fun to do the Countdown Challenge with everyone!

J.C. ~ I found I'm bad at reading what I'm "supposed" to read. That's why most of my Challenges for next year are very general, like "library books" or "books I own". Good luck on your choices for next year, too!

Michele ~ Once I broke the ice with the challenges, I went crazy. My "keeping track" got very precarious for a while there though. That's why I had to do a summary post. LOL!

J. Kaye ~ Thanks! I'll email you. Sounds mysterious. :-)

Ladytink_534 said...


Lezlie said...

Ladytink ~ Thanks!