NOTICE: (Updated March 5, 2010)

Beginning December 19, 2009, Books 'N Border Collies will be posting but only intermittently while I pursue personal goals. I plan to share some reading I'm doing, but there will be no reviews. I will, however, be sharing my exploration of vegetarian cooking and the cookbooks and websites I use to educate myself. I hope you enjoy it!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Meet Jonny Flynn!

This week was my favorite Timberwolves Season Ticket Holder event: Meet The Timberwolves!! Yay! And my goal was to get a pic with our rookie, Jonny Flynn. Mission Accomplished!

How cute it he? And he's a wonderfully sweet guy. If I was ten years younger . . . OK. Twenty-five years younger, but who's counting? :-)

On the reading front: Yup. I'm a Harry Potter convert. Love them! I'm almost done with Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and once I finish the books I plan to watch the movies. I hear nothing but good things about them.

On the cooking front: Here was one of our meals last week that we LOVED! I've linked to the recipes on the Eating Well Magazine website, which has become my new favorite recipe browsing site.

Tofu Au Vin served with Roasted Cauliflower with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Over the last couple of weeks I have learned that anything that calls for two cups of red wine in the recipe probably tastes fabulous. ;-) I'll be back soon with some more of those kinds of priceless vegetarian cooking tips. Don't forget your corkscrew!