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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


by Vince Flynn

Need an overdose of testosterone? This is it. You can't get much more manly, patriotic and wildly violent than Mitch Rapp. And then there is Mike Nash's ED problems. One word: Viagra. Now can we get back to the story?

I enjoyed this series much more when I was still in post-9/11 shock. We were all still high on super-patriotism with flags flying from our homes and cars and every U.S. citizen was bleeding red, white and blue. Now these books seem over-the-top. I'm not arguing the reality of the dangers of terrorism or what we need to do to keep our country safe. I'm just saying that in my personal fiction reading world, these aren't as appealing as they used to be.

That said, Extreme Measures is exactly what you'd expect from a book starring Mitch Rapp: Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, torture for information, fighting with Congress over legalities while Rapp and Nash are desperately attempting to save the U.S. from another domestic attack. Oh, and a spotlight on a number Mike Nash's personal issues, which I'm guessing is supposed to humanize him in juxtaposition to the unshakable Mitch Rapp. I also think he's being groomed for either taking over the series because of an aging Rapp or getting his own. Overall, if I take my current personal prejudice out of it, it's an exciting read and sets the stage perfectly for what will be the eleventh novel in the series.


Literary Feline said...

Isn't it interesting how certain books appeal to us at certain times in our lives but not at others? I recently did a little shelf cleaning, weeding out books I no longer have an interest in reading noticed that as well. At one time, I would have been all over those books.

Anyhow, I haven't read anything by Vince Flynn, but I've heard good things about his work.

Lezlie said...

Literary Feline ~ They are good books, especially the earlier ones.

I find my tastes changing over time also. If I don't read a book shortly after I buy it, who knows how long it will sit around! :-)