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Sunday, November 9, 2008


by Agatha Christie

Mr. Shaitana invites Hercule Poirot, Ariadne Oliver, Superintendent Battle and Colonel race to a party at which the other four guests all have committed murders in the past and have gotten away with it. When Mr. Shaitana is killed during the party, the four sleuths band together to figure out who of the other four is guilty of the newest crime.

I'm certain no one needs me to tell them Agatha Christie is the master of her genre. Cards on the Table is a great example of her ability to twist an ending so many times it leaves the reader dizzy. I've read probably a couple dozen of Christie's mysteries, and this is one I would recommend for newbies to her work.


joanna said...

ooh, I'm a newbie, i'll see if my library has this one!

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ If they don't have this one, try to get "The Murder of Roger Akroyd". That was my favorite so far.