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Sunday, March 16, 2008


by Kenneth Grahame

If this is not the most adorable book on the planet, it has got to be in the top two or three. It just has to be! Maybe my reading has been too grim and serious lately, but The Wind In The Willows put a smile on my face and a spring in my step. What fun I had speeding with Toad in his motorcar, lazily floating the river with Rat and Mole, and listening to the wise words of Badger. If I had kids, I’d read this to them every night!!

One of my favorite episodes was when Mole and Rat rescue Otter’s lost son. During their adventure, they encounter the god Pan, who gives them the Gift of Forgetfulness. At first I wondered why forgetfulness would be considered a gift. Upon further reflection, I became a believer. When something really awful happens to you, it is the Gift of Forgetfulness, in whole or in part, that allows you to eventually carry on. Mothers forget how painful childbirth was, those who have lost a loved one eventually forget some of the hurt but not the person. We even sometimes forget things that were stunningly wonderful and that allows us to continue to be happy in our ordinarily non-exciting lives. Which, in turn, allows us to re-experience that feeling of great joy when something extraordinary again happens. If we continually dwelt in great ecstasy or great sorrow, the beautiful range of emotions would be lost. The Gift of Forgetfulness is a key to the Gift of Living.

Enough waxing poetic. I’m going to go find Mole and Rat and have an adventure! :-)



Jeane said...

This has been one of my absolute favorite books ever since my father read it to us when we were little. Sometimes I think it would be very peaceful to live in the moment as animals do... but I'm already forgetful enough, I don't think being more so would actually help me!

Lezlie said...

Jeane ~ LOL! I think that's why I questioned the Gift at first. I kept thinking, "How is walking into a room and not remembering why I went in in the first place a Gift?" :-)


BooksPlease said...

I could do with some happy reading just now. I've been reading some very serious books!

Lezlie said...

Books Please ~ This would do it! I was on the couch all day Saturday with the book in my hand and a stupid grin on my face. :-)