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Saturday, March 1, 2008

U.S. Presidents Reading Project

If you would like to join me in this project, see my U.S. Presidents Reading Project blog. I hope to see you there!

Completed: 2/43 as of June 27, 2008


1. George Washington (1789-97)
2. John Adams, 1797-1801 (Federalist)
3. Thomas Jefferson, 1801-9 (Democratic-Republican)
4. James Madison, 1809-17 (Democratic-Republican)
5. James Monroe, 1817-25 (Democratic-Republican)
6. John Quincy Adams, 1825-29 (Democratic-Republican)
7. Andrew Jackson, 1829-37 (Democrat)
8. Martin Van Buren, 1837-41 (Democrat)
9. William Henry Harrison, 1841 (Whig)
10. John Tyler, 1841-45 (Whig)
11. James Knox Polk, 1845-49 (Democrat)
12. Zachary Taylor, 1849-50 (Whig)
13. Millard Fillmore, 1850-53 (Whig)
14. Franklin Pierce, 1853-57 (Democrat)
15. James Buchanan, 1857-61 (Democrat)
16. Abraham Lincoln, 1861-65 (Republican)
17. Andrew Johnson, 1865-69 (Democrat/National Union)
18. Ulysses Simpson Grant, 1869-77 (Republican)
19. Rutherford Birchard Hayes, 1877-81 (Republican)
20. James Abram Garfield, 1881 (Republican)
21. Chester Alan Arthur, 1881-85 (Republican)
22. Grover Cleveland, 1885-89 (Democrat)
23. Benjamin Harrison, 1889-93 (Republican)
24. Grover Cleveland, 1893-97 (Democrat)
25. William McKinley, 1897-1901 (Republican)
26. Theodore Roosevelt, 1901-9 (Republican)
27. William Howard Taft, 1909-13 (Republican)
28. Woodrow Wilson, 1913-21 (Democrat)
29. Warren Gamaliel Harding, 1921-23 (Republican)
30. Calvin Coolidge, 1923-29 (Republican)
31. Herbert Clark Hoover, 1929-33 (Republican)
32. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1933-45 (Democrat)
33. Harry S Truman, 1945-53 (Democrat)
34. Dwight David Eisenhower, 1953-61 (Republican)
35. John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 1961-63 (Democrat)
36. Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1963-69 (Democrat)
37. Richard Milhous Nixon, 1969-74 (Republican)
38. Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr , 1974-77 (Republican)
39. James Earl Carter, 1977-81 (Democrat)
40. Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1981-89 (Republican)
41. George Herbert Walker Bush, 1989-1993 (Republican)
42. William Jefferson Clinton, 1993-2001(Democrat)
43. George W. Bush, 2001- (Republican)
44. Barack Obama, 2009- (Democrat)


Jeane said...

I don't usually do reading challenges, but this one promises to be so interesting and education as well, it might be one I take part in!

Teddy Rose said...

What a great idea! Are you going to host this as a challenge that people can sign up for? It could be on going with no end date.

I just got a book about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings.

trish said...

I thought I was having deja vu. I have a co-worker (member of my book club) who is doing the exact same thing! I think she's trying to do it in one year.

Lezlie said...

Wow! I hadn't really thought about hosting a challenge for this. It was just an idea that sounded like fun. I'm going to give this some serious thought though! Possibly an open-ended Challenge with a separate blog and maybe a discussion group on Yahoo? Suggestions?


Heather said...

This one seems intersting to me too even though I'm Canadian. Have you been able to find some good lists of books about the presidents?

Lezlie said...

Heather ~ I actually created a whole blog-site for this Project. As you would expect, there is a ton of books on some presidents and not so much on others. Other people who are taking on this Project are encouraged to post their reviews or suggestions on the site to help everyone find books that appeal to them.