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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Cormac McCarthy

Over on one of the many Yahoo discussions for book challenges, I was asked which of Cormac McCarthy's books I liked the best. I thought I would also share my answer here for those who may be wondering:

I have only read the three noted in my review [of The Orchard Keeper], and I would definitely say "The Road" was my favorite. It is hugely depressing, but I could not get that book out of my head. I still can't. I hesitate to recommend it in general because it is so emotionally disturbing and painful and that is not what people I know tend to seek out for entertainment, but for me personally, it remains one of the best books I have ever read if only for its ability to affect me so deeply.

McCarthy is not an easy author to read for many reasons, but he seems to always be an experience in some way or another. I think he is someone people either love or hate without a lot of middle ground. I read him like the proverbial train-wreck. I get mesmerized and just can't seem to look away. . .

If any of you decide to give McCarthy a try, please stop back and let me know what you read and your thoughts. Inquiring minds want to know!



Teddy Rose said...

The only Book that I have by him so far was the Road. I found it very hard to put down and a very fast read. I really liked it.

Lezlie said...

Teddy Rose ~ My husband called me at work one afternoon after I had recommended it to him and said, "I'm never listening to you again. I've gotten nothing done today, because I can't put this book down!" :-) He's not much a of a fiction reader, but he loved this one.