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Saturday, April 25, 2009


by David Baldacci

"In this fourth of the Camel Club series, two bullets silence Oliver Stone's foes. Those assassinations set off a manhunt of enormous proportions by some of the highest officials in government. The Camel Club must fend for itself, all the while protecting their elusive leader, Stone, as he avoids capture by the sometimes uninformed Joe Knox, the man in charge of the hunt." (From the CD container)

There is nothing like a good dose of thriller "man lit" to empty the brain of deep thoughts endlessly swirling from an overdose of thinking books. I forget how fun it is to have nothing to "get" and just go with the flow. And the bullets. And the explosions. And the harrowing escapes from death. And the awesome climactic revenge scenes that I always feel a little guilty about loving. ("But it's not right to beat people senseless and shoot them in the head." "But he soooo deserved it!" "Still. . .")

The Camel Club is a wonderful series, and Divine Justice is a great addition. It started out a little silly, but once Stone got mired in the conundrum that is the town of Divine, I was in. I couldn't quit listening. Just to top it off, this is the second time this series has made me cry. Who'd have thought it? Man lit making me cry. Strange.


bermudaonion said...

I really enjoyed this book too!

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ I really like this series because there is more to it than just "kill the bad guys". Baldacci has developed some really great characters in these books. I'm not sure I buy *everything* about them, but they're much more complex that what I usually see in books of this type.


zetor said...

Sounds like an addition for my tbr pile.

Anonymous said...

"But he soooooooo deserved it!" Is this why I like shootemup movies, too?

Lezlie said...

Zetor ~ It's a good one!

BkClubCare ~ I think so. I believe these kinds of things give us generally passive types an outlet for some aggression. :-)


Ladytink_534 said...

Man lit? Lol! Glad you enjoyed it so much. I believe I have one or two books by this author but I've never read anything by him before.

Belle said...

I'm pretty sure this one is somewhere in my stack of TBR. Will definitely have to dig it out - I'd forgotten how enjoyable and fun the Camel Club books are!

Lezlie said...

Ladytink ~ It was the only term I could think of to describe it. :-) The Camel Club books are the only ones I've read by Baldacci, but based on those, I would guess his others are probably pretty good, too!

Belle ~ They *are* fun! I even picked up the first one for my husband today, because after he read this review he said he thought he might like them.


joanna said...

ha ha 'man lit' - I didn't know that term existed. Although I don't know why I'm so surprised that it does. :-) Anyway, yes, we all need some lighter books in the mix too!

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ I'm pretty sure I swiped that term from somewhere. I just can't remember where. It's so appropriate though! :-)