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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Meet The Timberwolves!

Too much fun!! My guy Craig Smith wasn't at the Meet The Team event last night. He was sick. Bummer. (Get well soon, Craig!) And Big Al Jefferson just had knee surgery a couple weeks ago, so he was missing. (You get well soon, too, Al! We need you!) But Peter and I had a blast chatting with all the other members of the Timberwolves and having pics taken. Here are the ones we took. There are a few others that were taken by the team photographer that will be emailed to us later. In the meantime, here is me schmoozing it up:

The awesomest mascot in the NBA, Crunch

Me and our rookie, Kevin Love

Fan favorite, Mark "Mad Dog" Madsen

Sebastian Telfair (How cute is he???)

Rodney Carney and one of our newest team members, Bobby Brown. No jokes. He's heard them all. :-) Bobby was traded from Sacramento, so I made sure to tell him it really was going to get warmer here someday. I'm not sure he believed me.

The Timberwolves are a first class organization. They really make their fans feel special, and we had a great time!


zetor said...

Wow those guys look tall, really tall!!

Lezlie said...

Zetor ~ They are! I feel like a little kid standing next to most of them!


bermudaonion said...

I love the picture of you and Crunch!

Passages to the Past said...

How fun! I would love to be able to meet some of the NY Mets or TB Lightning guys!

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ That's Peter's favorite, too. He's a really cool mascot. You should see the crazy things he does during games!


Lezlie said...

Amy ~ I hope you can sometime! We're really lucky as fans to be able to have the kind of contact we do with the Timberwolves.


Darlene said...

How fun for you Lezlie! The pics are great and yup those are tall boys. lol.

Jo-Jo said... looks like you guys had a great time!

Lezlie said...

Dar ~ Peter is 6'4", and even he looks vertically challenged compared to some of them!

Jo-Jo ~ We did! I love my T-Wolves!


JoAnn said...

What fun!! Love the picture with the mascot!

Lezlie said...

JoAnn ~ Thanks! Whoever the guy is in that suit is really fun! He never, ever says a word, but he has a ton of personality. According to our ticket rep, it has been the same guy for quite a few years now.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I like that mascot, and Sebastian looks kind of short for a basketball player. Is he?

Lezlie said...

Chartroose ~ Crunch is the coolest! If Sebastian wasn't a guard, I would say yes, he's kind of short (he's 6'0"), but since he is a guard, he can get away with it. Mostly because he's really fast!