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Sunday, March 8, 2009

What I Bought Today

Peter took me to my favorite Barnes & Noble so I could spend a couple of hours browsing aimlessly. I always find things at this particular store that I never see anywhere else. To make up for my cranky mood due to our return to below freezing temps (Spring, where are you??), here is what I picked up today:

From the back cover: "Barabbas is the acquitted; the man whose life was exchanged for that of Jesus of Nazareth, crucified upon the hill of Golgotha. Barabbas is a man condemned to have no god. "Christos Iesus" is carved on the disk suspended from his neck, but he cannot affirm his faith. He cannot pray. He can only say 'I want to believe.' " I've seen this one previously and couldn't pass it up this time for fear I would forget about it. Again.

"Nausea is the story of Antoine Roquentin, a French writer who is horrified at his own existence. In impressionistic, diary form he ruthlessly catalogues his every feeling and sensation. His thoughts culminate in a pervasive, overpowering feeling of nausea which 'spreads at the bottom of the viscous puddle, at the bottom of our time--the time of purple suspenders and broken chair seats; it is made of wide, soft instants, spreading at the edge, like an oil stain.' " (From the back cover) This novel keeps getting mentioned in some of my other reading. I had to bring it home when I finally ran across a copy.

I finally caved. What can I say? Call me a lemming. :-)

I have no idea when I will get to any of these, but I feel much better just having them in my possession where I can horde them with the rest of my literary treasures.

Happy Reading, Everyone!


bermudaonion said...

I actually went in a book store yesterday and didn't buy a thing. Of course, it was a Borders Express and it didn't have much to offer, but I was still proud of myself.

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ Any kind of restraint is admirable when it come to us book junkies! :-)


Serena said...

me and the hubby went to the bookstore after my friend's art gallery showing and the hubby was looking at drawing books, while I perused the music section. LOL No buys for me though.

Polysyllabic spree is a fun read. I have not read the other two in the series.

The French writer sounds disturbed...though I'm sure it will make for interesting reading.

Lezlie said...

Serena ~ Definitely disturbed. For some reason I find that attractive in a book. :-) And as a bonus for me, turns out that two of the three I bought are on the 1001 List. Excellent!


Literary Feline said...

You sound just like me. LOL I keep adding to my TBR collection. I think a part of me is afraid the book won't be around by the time I do have time to read it and so I want to have it handy just in case.

Lezlie said...

Literary Feline ~ Exactly! I know just how you feel. I've taken to keeping this year's purchases separate from all the rest to see if maybe, just maybe, I can at least read the newest acquisitions this year. :-)


JoAnn said...

It's amazing what a couple hours in B&N can do to bighten your mood! You've got some interesting books there. I liked The Polysyllabic Spree.

Lezlie said...

JoAnn ~ Polysyllabic Spree is one of those books that leave me pretty certain I'm the only one who hasn't read it yet. :-)


Ladytink_534 said...

I actually went to the bookstore and only walked out with one book! How good am I? Of course, I did see some on sale that I may go back and get soon...

Enjoy your new books and happy reading!

Lezlie said...

Ladytink ~ Very good! Going back for others later counts separately. :-)