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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Max Will Be So Happy!

After our winter hiatus, Max and I are getting ready to head back to the competition ring! I sent in our entry for April 4. That is Max's birthday, so he's going to have one of the best birthdays ever in his little Border Collie book. Nothing like running a bunch of obstacle courses in the dirt of a horse barn to make turning five years old a grand party! Skye and Peter are sitting this one out, because they are putting their time and resources into honing their sheep herding skills. Peter is thinking about competing in that later this spring. I so hope he does! It would be wonderful to see Skye competing in his first love the same way Max does. Peter's a little nervous about it, but any encouragement for him from all of you would be great! Wouldn't you love to see some photos of Skye rounding up those sheep? Me, too! In fact, I think you can see in this photo that he is wishing he was in a sheep pasture instead of on a dogwalk. His expression is very, "Is there a point to all of this??" :-)

On the basketball front, tonight we're going to a special season ticket holder "Meet The Team" event. There will be food and video games, and the whole Timberwolves team will be there signing autographs and posing for pics. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!! It's been a rough season, but I still love our guys!

Books? I'm working on The Confessions of Nat Turner, and I'll be getting back to my Class Notes posts hopefully this weekend. Until then ~

Happy Reading, Everyone!


Serena said...

I would love to see more great pictures of these beautiful dogs! I love that you have them in competitions...I should have thought about that for my little Keeshond!

Lezlie said...

Serena ~ The boys say thanks! :-) Because of Max's hips, we can't compete as much as we'd like to, but we do what we can because we have so much fun together. You have a Keeshond? Cute!!


Jo-Jo said...

I wish the best of luck to Max this weekend and you have fun with the Team tonight. That sounds like it will be amazing!

bermudaonion said...

Max is just gorgeous!

Darlene said...

Yahoooo, Max competing again. HOw exciting. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pics. It would be so cool to see pics of Skye herding sheep. Tell Peter I hope he does enter with him. I bet Skye would love it. Give the boys a big squeeze from me.

Lightheaded said...

That jumping photo is gorgeous! Max looks great! Goodluck! Aah, I miss my dogs at home :(

Lezlie said...

Jo-Jo ~ The competition isn't until April, but Max says thanks anyway! :-) I'm off to go spiffy up for my photo op with the team!

Bermudaonion ~ Thank you so much! I'm probably a little biased, but I'm pretty sure we have the best looking Border Collies around. :-)

Dar ~ Yes! It's been a long, dull winter for these boys. I'll give the boys the hug and Peter the words of encouragement. Thanks!

Lightheaded ~ Thank you! He's a happy guy when he gets to do agility. Pics of Skye herding would be full of doggie smiles, too!


Terri B. said...

The picture of him flying over the hurdle is fantastic! Would love to see Skye rounding up some sheep :o)

Passages to the Past said...

My dog's birthday is April 4th too!!!!! She will be 7...a senior! Good luck at your competition and I hope Max has a great birthday!

Lezlie said...

Terri ~ That photographer is fantastic! I'm always excited when he's photographing a trial, because he always gets great shots. We'll get working on those Skye with Sheep photos! :-)

Amy ~ Cool! A birthday buddy! Send b-day hugs to your pup from us!


Ladytink_534 said...

I sure would love to be able to see your guys compete but since that's not possible, please take lots and lots of pictures!!!

Lezlie said...

Ladytink ~ If I would get my act together, I could maybe get a couple of the runs videotaped and post those. It is a fun sport to watch!


Teddy Rose said...

GO MAX GO! This is one of your ceerleaders yelling!

Lezlie said...

Teddy Rose ~ And he's listening! He was a little bullet in class on Friday. :-)