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Monday, June 2, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

I've been tagged! Rose City Reader requests Six Random Things About Me. Since I tend not to be real private, I had to think pretty hard to come up with six things that might be new to people who read this blog. Now that I think about it, maybe they didn't need to be "new" things, but how much fun is it to read a list things you already know?

Here goes:

1) I talk about competing in agility all the time on these posts, but here's a nugget that was before this blog's time: Our very first run in our very first competition, Max and I qualified and got first place! And he earned his first title that day, too! Good boy! I have that first blue ribbon framed in our hallway. Skye Q'd 9 for 9 and finished all of his Level 1 titles at his second competition!

2) Peter and I met when I went back to school to keep my brain busy after a depressing break-up. He was my Intermediate Algebra teacher. We didn't date until after the semester was over, so all was on the up and up! :-)

3) I'm a lead singer now, but when I played in bands in the 80's I was the bass player.

4) I used to be a belly dancer. I took lessons for 5 years, danced in Middle Eastern restaurants for a year, and I still have four of the most gorgeous constumes I have ever seen.

5) Years ago, I was friends with Kiss' drummer, Eric Carr. (RIP, Eric. We still think about you. . .)

6) I have this recurring fantasy of competing in an Ironman Triathlon. I even read books about training for it. The problem is I don't like to get wet, and I don't like biking. Go figure. I guess what I really wish is that I was that fit! :-)

I won't officially tag anyone since I know a lot of you have done this previously. But if you haven't, consider yourself "it"! :-)



Anonymous said...

"I'm a lead singer now, but when I played in bands in the 80's I was the bass player."

That is so cool! :)

Anonymous said...

My ex went to school and was friends with Peter Criss. Isn't that weird? I really do believe that we're all connected somehow!

Lezlie said...

J. Kaye ~ I have fond memories of that time! :-) I haven't played my bass in years, but it's still in the basement. I just can't part with it!

Chartroose ~ I believe that, too! There have been too many "chance" meetings in my life to think it's an accident. :-)


joanna said...

Interesting stuff Lezlie! A bellydancer, that's so cool! :-) Those costumes must be magnificent.

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ They really are. I should see if I have some photos around we could scan in. Many of us agreed that the reason we got into bellydancing was for the costumes! :-)


Kara said...

What cool things to know about you. Thanks for sharing. I think it is great to learn new things about people that I know online!!

Lezlie said...

Kara ~ Thank you! I really like reading these on other people's blogs, too.