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Friday, December 26, 2008

Two Agatha Christie Reviews

by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot's holiday is once again interrupted by murder. Can a gentleman not rest quietly? But it's a good thing he is on the spot, as there are many at the seaside resort who are not too deeply saddened by the loss of the stunningly beautiful, man-eating Arlena Marshall and had plenty of reason to have done the deed him- or herself.

Evil Under the Sun was full of wonderfully quirky characters and was a lot of fun to read. It was most entertaining to hear the aging Poirot's and elderly Mrs. Gardner's thoughts on the habits of youth as they watched them frolic on the beach. And the mystery is pretty darn good, too! :-)

by Agatha Christie

Second-generation Scotland Yarder Charles Hayward steps in to assist when the grandfather of the woman he loves is murdered, and he finds that his close-knit future in-laws have plenty to hide.

Crooked House is a darker story than is generally found in Christie's novels. The ending is quite shocking after a diet of Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple tidiness! I very much enjoyed the unique atmosphere of this one.

And that completes 10 Agatha Christie novels to finish up 2008!

What I've learned:

I was proud of myself when I knew what was meant when the term "Myrmidons" was used in "Crooked House".

Agatha Christie had an affection for the word "adenoidal". She used it or some form of it at least once in nearly every book I read for the Anything Agatha Challenge.

Next year I need to space my Agatha Christie books out more. While I love them, they need to be digested in small doses as a break from heavier reading.

And that finishes not only the Anything Agatha Challenge, but all of my Challenges for 2008! And by "all" I mean all except for the three that I decided to abandon in November. ;-) Now to get my eyeballs in shape for all those 2009 Challenges I signed up for! I am aiming to actually finish each and every one this time, and the first load of library books is on the desk as we speak, ready for duty on Jan. 1. I'm so excited!!


Kim L said...

I remember really liking Crooked House. I don't remember how most of Agatha Christie's novels turned out, but I remember this one particularly well. What a great ending, as far as keeping the reader guessing!

Lezlie said...

Kim ~ I agree. There is something about Crooked House that makes it very memorable.


Pabast said...

I discovered Agatha Christie when I was in my teens. The first time I read one, I did not like it. Then I revisited them when I was a wee bit older and fell in love with them. If I remember correctly I read most of them in my late teens and twenties.

Maybe I will have to reread them again. I have been feeling the pull again.

Good luck in reaching your goal.

Lezlie said...

Pabast ~ I also remember not liking Agatha Christie the first time I tried reading one. I think I didn't get the British way of writing, some terminology and such. It was a long time before I picked one up again, and when I did I wondered why I didn't care for it before! :-)


Kerrie said...

Lezlie, you might like to submit your postings about Agatha Christie novels that you've read to the Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival. You'll find details at
Past postings are very welcome.

Lezlie said...

Thanks, Kerrie! I'll check that out!