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Monday, December 22, 2008

Faerie Queene Challenge

There are a few of us who have completely lost our minds and are going to attempt to read Edmund Spenser's The Faerie Queene in 2009. I've downloaded a reader's guide from Bookrags. I'm going to need it!

If you'd like to join us, you can become a Subject at The Faerie Queene's Court. This would be a great book for those who are taking up the My Year of Reading Dangerously Challange!!

COMPLETED: May 18, 2009!!! Yahoo!!!

My Thoughts on The Faerie Queene


Anonymous said...

I'm going to sit this challenge out. I'll be cheering you on though! :)

joanna said...

It's so tempting Lezlie, but oh so daunting! I'll consider it, but I wanted my heavy book of the year to be War and Peace and I can't imagine doing both. Although... it would be nice to read something like The Fairie Queen in a group... What are your reasons for doing it?

Lezlie said...

J. Kaye ~ I'm scared of this one being way too over my head. I'll be grateful for the cheers! :-)

Joanna ~ I've had this book sitting around for well over a year. Similar to the reasons I read "War & Peace" a year ago, I think I want to read it mostly because it fascinates and frightens me. And I just want to be able to say, "I did it!" :-) I ended up loving "War & Peace", but I'm more intimidated by "The Faerie Queene" because a) it's poetry (not at all my strong point), and b) it's poetry in odd (to me)language. When I saw the possibility of reading it in a group, I jumped at it, because I thought having others to share it with would encourage me to not give up. And Peter is going to read it, too. It will be fun to have both of us pondering over it!


Ladytink_534 said...

Holy OMG. I will most definitely not be joining in for this one!

Lezlie said...

Ladytink ~ I don't blame you. I hope I can make it through! :-) I figured out that I can keep on pace at about 10 pages a day, so it shouldn't be too taxing on my poor brain.


Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

YEAH!!! You go girl!!!

Lezlie said...

Thanks, Heather!!