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Beginning December 19, 2009, Books 'N Border Collies will be posting but only intermittently while I pursue personal goals. I plan to share some reading I'm doing, but there will be no reviews. I will, however, be sharing my exploration of vegetarian cooking and the cookbooks and websites I use to educate myself. I hope you enjoy it!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

2009 TBR Challenge

Since I'm already signed up for the Read Your Own Books Challenge, I was going to pass this one up this year. However, I have no will power. I do have a very rational reason outside of that. If I've already committed to reading 50 of my own books in 2009, why not list a few that I want to read for certain, right? :-)

Here is the list for 2009:

Completed: 12/12 as of December 18, 2009

(Linked or bolded books are the ones read for the challenge.)

Main List:

Red Harvest – Dashiell Hammett
White Noise – Don DeLillo
The Trial – Franz Kafka
Junky – William S. Burroughs
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L. Frank Baum
Was – Geoff Ryman
Bedlam – Greg Hollingshead
Schindler’s List – Thomas Keneally
After Dachau – Daniel Quinn
Augustus – John Williams
Claudius The God – Robert Graves
Finn – Jon Cinch


War Trash – Ha Jin
Beowulf – Anonymous
Grendel – John Gardner

The Jungle – Upton Sinclair
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea – Jules Verne
Siddhartha – Hermann Hesse
The Historian – Elizabeth Kostova
The Borgia Bride – Jeanne Kalogridis
In The Country of Men – Hisham Matar
Outer Dark – Cormac McCarthy
Petals of Blood – Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
The Praise Singer – Mary Renault

Official rules and sign up can be found here.


alisonwonderland said...

looks like a good challenge list! i've only read two of your 24 - The Jungle and The Historian. happy reading!

Lezlie said...

Alisonwonderland ~ Some of them were on my list last year, too. It must be time to get them off the shelf. :-)


Pabast said...

I hope you have an easier time in finishing this challenge in 2009.

You have some great books on your list.

Let's both stay on track this year.

Good Luck

Lezlie said...

Pabast ~ Thanks! We can check in on each other to make sure we're making progress.