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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Trial Results: Awesome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all my new cyber-friends for all the good luck wishes!! They worked marvelously! Out of 10 total runs, the boys qualified in seven, with 5 of those being 1st places! Max also finished his Level 3 Standard title. Yahoo!

Skye was a very good sport yesterday, and I've learned that I need to run faster with him. I tend to hang back with Max and "steer from behind", but Skye is letting me know in no uncertain terms that that is not accetable to him. Once I changed that, he ran beautifully for me! Unfortunately, I made a couple of stupid strategic errors that cost him two of his Q's. He ran my directions to the T, they were just wrong. :-( He's such a good boy!

Max was the benefactor of the fact that I always had to run Skye first yesterday, as they were running tall jump heights first in each class and working down to small (Skye jumps 20", Max jumps 16"). I was able to correct my mistakes and guide him through the courses properly. There are advantages to running two dogs, but in my case it seems like the first one always gets the short end of the qualifying stick. That's a bummer. It would have been reversed for today if we were there, and Max would have been the course guinea pig. He doesn't care. As long as he gets to run and jump, his life is good! :-)

Our next trial is a three day fun-fest over Father's Day weekend, so we have some time to fix some issues, and there is a fairly good chance Peter will be able to run Skye on some courses that are less twisty. Skye will be thrilled!!

On the book front: I'll be posting reviews for The Crusader and King Solomon's Mines this week (which finishes off my very first reading challenge ever!!), and hopefully polishing off a couple others. In short, I'm really liking Alison Weir's Innocent Traitor a lot, and Paul Auster's Travels In The Scriptorium is entertainingly odd.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day to all!


zetor said...

Well done Lezlie and pats to Max and Skye. How wonderful. You must be really tired after such an energetic few days. Hope the rest of your week goes well.

Teddy Rose said...

Outstanding! Please give both boys hugs and kisses from me!

Anonymous said...

"Out of 10 total runs, the boys qualified in seven, with 6 of those being 1st places!"

WOW - that's great!!! I am been waiting for this post to pop It sounds like you all had a blast. :-D

Lezlie said...

Zetor, Teddy Rose & J. Kaye ~ Thanks! I've passed on hugs and kissed to the boys. And I've corrected my 1st Places error. It was 5 Firsts and not 6, but that still qualifies as "awesome". :-) The other two were 2nd places, so they were definitely on their game!


Anonymous said...

Five definitely equals awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and the boys!! Grats!!

Lezlie said...

J.C. ~ Thanks! I was a proud Mom that day, for certain! :-)