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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

LLP: September 2009 Wrap Up

I forgot to do Lifetime Learning Project monthly wrap ups for July and August. Oops. I guess the summer flew by too fast. :-) It's the end of the quarter now, so let's take a look back at the goals I set in July and how close I came:

1) My main focus was the Reading Challenges I signed up for. Because the Countdown Challenge ended Sept. 9, I made that one my primary driver and aimed to finish it along with at least seven others. GOAL ACHIEVED! Yay for me!!

Decades Reading Challenge Completed: 9/9 **Finished July 2, 2009**

2nds Reading Challenge Completed: 12/12 **Finished July 12, 2009**

Pub Challenge Completed: 9/9 **Finished July 29, 2009**

Support Your Local Library Challenge Completed: 50/50 **Finished August 5, 2009**

1% Well Read Challenge Completed: 13/13 **Finished August 10, 2009**

The Countdown Challenge Completed: 45/45 **Finished September 6, 2009** (Yahoo! I did it!!)

100+ Reading Challenge Completed: 100/100 **Finished September 17, 2009** (The rest of the year is gravy!!)

New Author Challenge Completed: 50/50 **Finished September 26, 2009**

2) I wanted to finish up The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative. I never looked at it. Not even once.

3) I have at least three Knowledge Blocks in progress, including the one I originally wrote about regarding Art Forgery. I wanted to try to rein in my literary ADD long enough to finish at least one of those blocks and write about it. Nope. Didn't do this. But I thought about it! :-)

4) Continue picking away at books and lectures from my Teaching Company Course "Classic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature". Nada on this one, too. I was very busy with those challenges!

I'll call eight finished challenges an enormous success! The rest was evidently too much to ask in concert with that. Live and learn. And that's what this is all about, right? :-) Tomorrow I'll post my Fourth Quarter Lifetime Learning Project goals, and I'm pretty sure I'm going easy on myself. After all, my Timberwolves are about to start playing some basketball, and they need me. GO WOLVES!!


Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Congratulations! I'd say that finishing 8 is a huge accomplishment!

And I love the picture! I may have to steal it is I go back to my all-kitten format. :)

Lezlie said...

Rose City Reader ~ That pic always makes me smile! You're more than welcome to steal it. I did. :-)


Rebecca Reid said...

Congrats on finishing your challenges! I'm kind of going the opposite direction: forgetting about the challenges so I can focus on my other projects.

But then, those challenge books are still calling me! So I may succumb and read some of them :)

Lezlie said...

Rebecca ~ Thanks! I'm pushing to finish what I started this year, because next year I'm not doing any challenges at all. I enjoy reading about your projects so much, I'm getting antsy to get back to my own! But those challenges are like a siren's song, aren't they?? :-)


joanna said...

wow, Lezlie, well done, impressive as always! I can't believe you already finished your 100 books!!!!

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ Thanks! The 100 Books surprised me, too! I've never cleared 100 this early in the year. Now I'm greedy and hope to reach 150, but that might be a bit much to expect. :-)


Hazra said...

Congratulations! I love the idea of Knowledge Blocks. Maybe I'll borrow the idea; there are a lot of topics I want to read up on.

Lezlie said...

Hazra ~ Borrow all you'd like! The mixing of fiction and nonfiction keeps it interesting. I'd love to see your topics!


3m said...

Congrats on finishing all those challenges.

Well done!

Lezlie said...

3M ~ Thanks! Only seven more to go!


Anna said...

8 is awesome, beyond awesome actually. Congrats!

Diary of an Eccentric

Lezlie said...

Thanks, Anna! I think I only have four left. Whew!