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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Go Wolves!!

Well, we lost our first home preseason game, but so what? They've gone 4-2 so far, and the real thing doesn't start until next week. But most important for me? The Wolves are back!!

Going to the Target Center for the game last night was like coming home. If only the fuzzy kids could come along! The guys I like the best are all back for this season along with a few great additions to the team, and I even got a high five before the game and a smile and "Hello" after the game from my favorite Wolf, Craig "The Rhino" Smith. (He's the guy in blue running over the poor dude in white. I bet that left a mark.) He may have been smiling at my Obama/Biden button, but Peter is pretty sure he just likes me. :-)

And Peter is pretty psyched this season because his favorite Timberwolves Dancer, Bianca, is back, too! Our goal this season is to get his picture taken with her. We could have done it last night, but we forgot the camera. Doh!

After the game, our ultra-cool ticket rep brought us to Coach Wittman's press conference, which was really cool to see. The season begins in earnest next Wednesday, and I am ready! GO WOLVES!!


Anonymous said...

We lived in Charlotte when the Hornets played there. Our son always wanted to get one of the Honey Bee's autographs. We ended up sitting next to one of their parents one night, so he finally get to meet one and get her autograph. He was on cloud 9.

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ I'll bet he was! I'm like a kid with my team. It's almost embarrassing. I'm about as jaded as you can get when it comes to meeting "celebrities", but I get all star-struck with my Timberwolves. I have a great pic of me and Craig from a meet and greet last summer I should post sometime.