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Beginning December 19, 2009, Books 'N Border Collies will be posting but only intermittently while I pursue personal goals. I plan to share some reading I'm doing, but there will be no reviews. I will, however, be sharing my exploration of vegetarian cooking and the cookbooks and websites I use to educate myself. I hope you enjoy it!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wolves Update

Awesome game last night! The team with the best record in the NBA (Celtics) v. the worst (T-Wolves), and we lost by one point in the last seconds of the game. My boys were right there with them the whole time and nearly came away with the victory. Next time, guys! You have your chance to pay them back in two weeks, and Peter and I will be there cheering you on!

Speaking of being there, our sales guy is giving us courtside seats for tomorrow's game against the NJ Nets!!!!! One of his season ticket holders can't make the game, so he's passing them on to us as a gesture of appreciation for supporting the team during rebuilding. How cool is that??

Go Wolves!!

In the meantime, I finished up American Youth and will be starting Mrs. Dalloway this afternoon. Reviews coming right up!


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