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Sunday, June 28, 2009

LLP: 2009 Third Quarter Goals

Wow. June has flown by so quickly I nearly forgot I need to set my third quarter goals for my Lifetime Learning Plan! Because these next three months will be spent engaged in outdoor reading as much as possible, I'm going to let the goals be fairly open ended without a lot of "textbooks at the dining room table" time. Here is what I would like to work on between now and September 30, 2009:

1) My main focus will be the Reading Challenges I signed up for. Because the Countdown Challenge will end Sept. 9, I will make that one my primary driver and aim to finish it along with at least seven others.

Decades Reading Challenge **Finished July 2, 2009**

2nds Reading Challenge **Finished July 12, 2009**

Pub Challenge **Finished July 29, 2009**

Support Your Local Library Challenge **Finished August 5, 2009**

1% Well Read Challenge **Finished August 10, 2009**

The Countdown Challenge **Finished September 6, 2009** (Yahoo! Did it!!)

2) Finish up The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative

3) I have at least three Knowledge Blocks in progress, including the one I originally wrote about regarding Art Forgery. I will try to rein in my literary ADD long enough to finish at least one of those blocks and write about it. I'm guessing it will be the one on the Borgias as that is my current obsession. :-) Though I also have one in the works on the Pacific War that I'm finding very interesting also. Decisions, decisions . . .

4) Continue picking away at books and lectures from my Teaching Company Course "Classic Novels: Meeting the Challenge of Great Literature".

I think that should keep me busy for a while. As for monthly goals, I think I'll alter that part of my plan by reporting which parts of these Quarterly Goals I accomplished at the end of each month rather than reporting what I plan to do at the beginning of each month. I tend to change my mind as days roll on, and it's kind of silly overkill for the blog posts. However, I reserve the right to go back to my original plan if I find myself wandering too far astray. Or simply to do whatever I want and quit apologizing to myself like I did something wrong. :-)

I'll link my progress posts as the months continue to fly by far too quickly:


In the meantime, Happy Reading, Everyone!


joanna said...

ambitious as ever Lezlie! :-)

I need to finish the Countdown challenge too, but am having trouble locating 2009 books that aren't too expensive... hopefully they'll start coming out in paperback now! :-)

Good luck with it all!

Lisa said...

Sounds like a pretty good plan -- especially the reading outside part. :)

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ Considering it's a three month plan, I felt like I was kind of slacking. I'm glad you don't think so! :-) I have been depending on the library for my 2009 book since I haven't been requesting ARC's, but it seems like it takes forever to finally get them!

Lisa ~ Outside reading is the best! It's part of the reason I get more reading done in the summer than in the winter. I have no ambition to do anything else. :-)


Terri B. said...

"Literary ADD" - you are making me laugh pretty hard over here! Mostly because I relate :o)

Lezlie said...

Terri ~ I knew more of my readers than not were going to be nodding their heads understandingly at that phrase! :-)