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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Agility Trial Update: Saturday

Wow! We couldn't have begged for a more beautiful day to be out running around obstacle courses with our dogs! It was gorgeous outside! And even though Max spent the entire day running like his brain fell out, we still managed to qualify in three of our four runs!! For those of you keeping track at home, that makes 17 out of 40 that we need for our Championship title. Go, Max!!!

Peter was there just in time for our first run and ended up staying the entire day. He napped a bit on the floor of the tent (not comfy), but felt pretty good for the most part and recorded all of Max's runs. Even the really bad one. :-) I'll try to get a couple of them posted soon so those of you who are curious can check them out. After we got home, he took video of me learning how to mow the lawn. Smart a**. He can't do it yet and our lawn was so over-grown that it looked like we were an abandoned house. It was kind of fun in a "Man, I'm glad I don't have to do this all the time" kind of way. And a girl should know how to mow the lawn. You know. Just in case . . .

Now I need to go get some sleep so I can do it all again tomorrow! Minus the lawn mowing part. The novelty has officially worn off. :-)

Sleep tight, everyone!


bermudaonion said...

Way to go Max! Glad to hear Peter's doing so well. Good luck tomorrow.

Teddy Rose said...

Great job Max, way to go! I'm so glad that your Daddy was able to be there to see you in action. Go Peter Go!

Lawn mow, what's that? LOL! Bill and I bought a town house and pay strata fees for that. We didn't want to have to do lawn work.

JoAnn said...

Sounds like a great day! I've always claimed not to know how to mow the lawn, and it's worked out fine so far, but every now and than I think it might be fun to do...once!

Lezlie said...

Bermudaonion ~ Thank you!

Teddy Rose ~ Left to my own devices, I would have chosen a townhouse for the same reason. Peter does nearly all the yard work, because that was the deal we made. But every once in a while I have to be a good soldier and pitch in. :-)

JoAnn ~ It was fun. Once. :-) I think anything like that is fun when you don't *have* to do it. I even enjoyed snowblowing the driveway when Peter had his knee surgery. I'd feel very differently if it was 5:30 am and I needed to get to work. ;-)


Darlene said...

Way to go Max! Too cute-running like his brains fell out. lol. I'm glad Peter felt well enough to be there and that he's doing well. I can't wait to see a few pics.

Lezlie said...

Thanks, Dar! I was so distraught over Sunday I forgot we took video. I'll have to ask Peter if he'll get that ready to post.