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Beginning December 19, 2009, Books 'N Border Collies will be posting but only intermittently while I pursue personal goals. I plan to share some reading I'm doing, but there will be no reviews. I will, however, be sharing my exploration of vegetarian cooking and the cookbooks and websites I use to educate myself. I hope you enjoy it!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thank you, Thank you!

Zetor at Mog's Blog has nominated me for this fun award! Thank you, thank you! For me, the greatest part of being a member of the book blog community (besides learning about everyone's great reads, of course!) is the ability to chat with each other and make new friends all over the world. Receiving and leaving comments are what brings us all together and makes book blogs soooooo much more interesting than print media reviews. The only rule for this award is to pass it on to seven other bloggers. Hmmmmm. . . It's tough to pick only seven, but here goes:

Dar at Peeking Between the Pages
Chartroose at Bloody Hell, It's A Book Barrage!
J. Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog
Joanna at Lost In A Good Story
Teddy Rose at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time
Andi at Tripping Towards Lucidity
Jeane at Dog Ear Diary

Thanks for all the great comments over the months from everyone! And if you haven't commented on this blog yet, go ahead! Say hi! I even answer! :-)


Jeane said...

Wow, thanks so much for the recognition! That's very nice of you.

Lezlie said...

Jeane ~ You're most welcome!


Darlene said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, thanks so much Lezlie. I'm sure glad to have met and made a friend in you. Thanks for nominating me for this.

Andi said...

Oooh, this is a fun award! Thank you so so so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Lezlie!
I'll be passing it on soon.

Lezlie said...

Dar ~ Me, too. And you are so welcome!

Andi ~ You're welcome! I had never seen this one before Zetor gave it to me.

Chartroose ~ You're welcome, and I can't wait to see who you pick!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely too sweet! :) And I know I don't deserve it. With school here, time is not my own.

I'll be posting about this soon. Promise!

Lezlie said...

J. Kaye ~ You do too deserve it! Everyone's commenting has dropped off a bit with school kicking in, but we know you're still there. :-)


Ana S. said...

Congrats on the award, Lezlie! You picked some great people to pass it on to.

Lezlie said...

Nymeth ~ Thanks!

joanna said...

Hey thanks Lezlie! :-)

Lezlie said...

Joanna ~ You're welcome! (I tried to leave you a comment on your blog but I'm a little technologically limited until this weekend.)