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Friday, August 1, 2008

Review Preview

August. I'm sad that it seems summer is winding down far too quicky. But at the same time, that means my Minnesota Timberwolves will be playing again before too long. Yay!!

Until my Wolvies are back on the basketball court, though, I have plenty to keep my busy! I had to bring Mudbound back to the library unread, because I ran out of time. :-( I put myself right back on the wait list for it, so I should be able to get it in sooner that later. For other library books, I'm well into Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl, and I'm hoping to post a review for that before the weekend is out. I also have The Gospel of Judas by Simon Mawer. After that one, it's on to the stack next to the bed, which is full of so much fun stuff that I can't decide what should come first! Here's a peek:

Tudor fiction for us junkies:

The Queen's Lady by Barbara Kyle
The Concubine by Norah Lofts
Brief Gaudy Hour: A Novel of Anne Boleyn by Margaret Campbell Barnes
The Secret Lion by C.W. Gortner

Other historicals:

The Tsarina's Daughter by Carolly Erickson
The King's Favorite: A Novel of Nell Gwyn and King Charles II by Susan Holloway Scott
An Infamous Army: A Novel of Wellington, Waterloo, Love and War by Georgette Heyer
Lady of the Roses: A Novel of the Wars of the Roses by Sandra Worth

From Amazon, I just ordered:

The Needle in the Blood by Sarah Bower
The Innocent: A Novel by Posie Graeme-Evans
A Rose for the Crown: A Novel by Anne Easter Smith
Claudius the God: And His Wife Messalina Robert Graves

And just in case that isn't enough, I have a few non-historical surprises to work in also. A girl has to mix things up to keep it interesting!

Oh! And while I was at Border's last night I picked up the new book by Thomas C. Foster, How to Read Novels Like a Professor: A Jaunty Exploration of the World's Favorite Literary Form. I loved his previous book, How to Read Literature Like a Professor: A Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading Between the Lines, and thought this next one would be a fun way to finish off the Non-Fiction Five Challenge.

Good thing a weekend is coming up so I have time to organize all this. :-) I hope you all have as much fun over the next few weeks as I'm going to!!


Darlene said...

Hi Lezlie, I was just thinking this morning that I can't believe it's already August. The summer has just been flying by. It makes me sad too because summer is definitely my favorite season.

I was looking over your list of books there and all I can say is you'll be busy and I simply can't wait for the reviews!

Have a great weekend!

Lezlie said...

Dar ~ Basketball is the one thing that keeps me from bumming out over the end of summer. The NBA season starts just in time for the cold, and by the time it's over, it's almost summer again! :-)

You have a great weekend, too!

Marg said...

I've read quite a few of those books. I really liked Needle in the Blood and A Rose for the Crown, and An Infamous Army and Brief Gaudy Hour!

I quite regularly take books back to the library and put myself straight back on the list to borrow it again because I didn't quite get to it!

Teddy Rose said...

Mudbound is worth the wait.

Okay, I must confess, I didn't clue in until this post that you live in MN. I was born in Minneapolis, raised in Highland Park (St. Paul) and lived there until I was about 28 and then moved here to Vancovuer, BC.

I'll be visting MN in mid Sept.

Lezlie said...

Marg ~ You're way ahead of me! :-) I'm anxious to get to all of these, so decisionmaking is going to be tough. I try to control myself at the library, because I have piles of things at home to read, but we all know how those best-laid plans go. :-)

Teddy Rose ~ I was sad I had to brin Mudbound back, but I'll clear the way for it when it comes my turn again.

Way back when I first started blogging we talked about you being from Highland. I think the post I commented on was about Obama being your boyfriend. :-) When you visit in Sept., we should try to get together if you have some time!


Danielle said...

I'm hoping to finish reading Needle in the Blood this weekend. It's a great read!

BooksPlease said...

The only one of those books I've read is "The Gospel of Judas". I'm looking forward to reading your review of it. I've had "Needle in the Blood" for ever it seems - I must read it soon. You certainly have a full reading schedule there to keep you going for a while.

Kim L said...

Oh I hate when I have to return books to the library because I ran out of time to read them. Actually right now I've only got one book out from the library, kind of weird for me.

Happy reading!

joanna said...

Hi Lezlie!
The Irish Slave Girl book looks really interesting!
Hope you're well,

Lezlie said...

Danielle ~ I've heard nothing but great things about her books. I can't wait to finally get my hands on it.

Books Please ~ I started Gospel of Judas last night. So far, I can't really tell where it's all going, but I like it a lot.

Kim ~ I only have one out now, too. I have to get through that pile next to the bed! :-)

Joanna ~ I am doing great! I hope you're the same! :-) Testimony of an Irish Slave Girl was a good book. I'll be posting the review soon.

Andi said...

Oh MY GOD, you had to mention basketball season. Now I'm all aflutter waiting for my Mavericks to get back on the court (and hopefully not suck it up).

Lezlie said...

Andi ~ Yay! Another NBA fan! Since I know the T-Wolves time is in the future, I'm all for the Mavs in the Finals this season. Anybody but the Spurs or the Lakers!! :-)