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Monday, April 28, 2008


by Jefferson Bass

I said in my inaugural First Chapters post that I expected this book to be, "just like the others [in this series] - a quick but educational forensic mystery romp with a pretty good story and a lot of forced humor." It turns out I was exactly right!

There are actually three stories going on in The Devil's Bones, all of which are wrapped up surprisingly easily (speaking as the reader and not as one of those being shot, chased by pit bulls, burned alive, etc., etc.). Because the actual resolution of the various cases happens so quickly, there is plenty of time for Forensic Anthropology 101, which is the aspect of the series that keeps me coming back for more despite a plethora of really bad jokes being passed off as humor. There are a couple of characters who believe themselves to be quite funny. I'm advising adherence to their day jobs. :-) And speaking of day jobs, one of the two men who make up the writing team known as Jefferson Bass is the founder of the University of Tennessee's Anthropology Research Center - the real-life "Body Farm". So when you get all those gruesomely fascinating details and explanations in the books, you know the man knows of what he speaks!

I think it would be helpful to have read the two previous installments of the Body Farm series - Carved in Bone and Flesh and Bone - as there are many references to the events in those novels, but readers who start with The Devil's Bones will not be completely lost. They will probably just have their appetites whetted for the earlier books.


Tour the Body Farm on the author's official web site! Very interesting! (But maybe not before lunch. . .)

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Joy said...

I have this series on my TBR list. Glad to see another happy customer. :)

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL = Tour the Body Farm

I think not.

Lezlie said...

Joy ~ The whole series is well worth reading, and not terribly time consuming. They're very quick!

J. Kaye ~ I dare you! (Just kidding!) I only did the photo tour. It actually was kind of cool. But there were a couple of creepy bodies. . .

Kara said...

Because of your review - I went to their website and I have added this series to my TBR list. Hopefully I will get to the first book in May!! - I took the tour too - LOL.

Lezlie said...

Kara ~ I hope you like them! Let me know what you think once you've had a chance to get into them. Did you do the video tour?


jenclair said...

I found the anthropology fascinating, but the story itself and the characters just didn't grab me. However, the fact that both authors have such interesting and authentic backgrounds is a plus.

Lezlie said...

Jenclair ~ I definitely read these for the anthropology. I totally understand your thoughts about the story itself. My favorite forensic-type series is the Kathy Reich's "Temperance Brennan" series.