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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

100+ Book Challenge

Before I continue, I'd like to thank everyone for their kind words and thoughts both public and private regarding Cleopatra. The book blogging community is a special place full of great people. I'm glad to have discovered it. Time to dry my eyes and smile when I remember her . . .

And what better way to get back to life than to join another challenge! I have to be honest. I had every intention of reading 100+ books this year anyway, so it's not a huge stretch, but how fun to make it Official! I keep a running list of my books for the year at the bottom on my blog, so those interested will be able to keep track there. Good luck to everyone else who is taking part also!


In the meantime, I intend to read all the volumes in Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time this year. I've started reading Swann's Way. I'm almost 100 pages in and I have to say I have no clue what this is about or what is going on, but it is some of the most stunningly beautiful writing I have ever encountered. I don't know if I have Proust himself or the translator to thank for that, but it's gorgeous. I find myself reading paragraphs two and three times just to experience them again.

Happy reading, everyone!


Pabast said...

I am doing this challenge as well. I am keeping a list on Shelfari as that is where I discovered it. I hope I can read 100.

joanna said...

You've reminded me that I need to post something about this too... And wow, 200 books, is that even possible?? I'll definitely be checking out that link!

By the way, I really liked your '1001 books' project and would like to do it too - I'll post the list and my progress soon... hope you don't mind!

Lezlie said...

Pabast ~ I know. 100 is a lot. I don't know how all the bloggers with kids gets any reading done much less 100! :-)

Joanna ~ I don't mind at all! In fact, I've been playing with the idea of starting a blog or a Yahoo group for people who are attempting to read the 1001. I'm very curious how others are progressing. I'll be checking up on you! :-)